World Building

Starting out with a blank canvas, I spread the roller gently across the surface. Softly manipulating different shades, hues, and multiple colors with a variety of brushes until we have a reflective ball floating in a dense purple and hazy orange blended at the seams region of space in a universe far from here. Laws and morals may or may not work differently there. Perhaps a common dislike for sardines turns into fashionable caviar for them. Whether or not someone is considered good may be entirely judged on the length of their left nostril hair, instead of their moral standing in society as it is in our universe. Yes a ball it is to start.

Stroking the brush in wavey patterns, I form waves upon waves as oceans vastly cover the world, now mostly islands surrounding a small continent. Mountains crown the southern and northern tips of the continent, while the valley in the middle extends to the coasts, east and west. There are no mass populations as we find in our universe. Scattered villages with few cities in-between, a couple islands have flourished and have formed aliagenences, where as, everyone on the continent believes themselves united. Now lets pursue further.

Let us stand on the Western most island that is still furthest from the East. Finding a small hobbled town, humble fishermen trolleying the harbor, net menders knitting their webs, hook sharpeners hard at work sweating over grinding stainless steel, cooks and vendors hard at work wafting the delightful scents of a fresh meal to the hungry workers in hope they will spend their hard earned money at the dining establishments. Entering a coffee shop named Honest Joe’s Coffee and Doughnuts Est. Cir. 45,986; we find Ernesto sipping away at his hot black bean juice. An introduction for another adventure entry. We’re here to world build.

Finding the streets cobbled much like the ones in Europe. We wander and become entranced by the local weather forecast on a shimmering screen of plasma. The climate varies from orbit cycle to cycle as the tilt angles differently. Much of the laws of physics are different due to reasons beyond this author’s ability to talk about in fiction. So, if something magical happens, perhaps, let us remember that, this universe has unique properties that may or may not allow for rerolls of our adventure dice.

The dice skid at our feet, knocking about, clicking as they decide the fate ahead. Painting the world as we walk through it. Tree’s that fade from pink to purple as the temperature fluctuates, grass the glows blue which make the birds nest on a calm spring country night shine with romantic light. Soft music of strange other worldly insects and fowl drift through the open sky. The waves of the viscous fluid which is the opposite of our water. We row around the island until we come to a cove with soft palms which hang green melons off vines which choke the trees and is considered an invasive plant by locals. Here, we get out and walk up a hidden path to a hut where a shaman sits cross legged meditating. I gesture for us to sit in front of him and wait.

To be continued, life calls.


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