Hello 2023

Well another year has passed us by successfully. I have to say I didn’t meet many of my goals for the year. Being surrounded by so much chaos, including the loss of dearly beloved family members and the closing of more than a few friendships. Despite any anger or frustration I don’t regret the time I have spent this year. The needed grieving process, the depression and anger. Feeling those emotions have kept me alive, sane even. Turning 40 has been like learning to walk again. A new set of outlooks and emotions have slowly overtaken me. I felt the tugs in my late 30s, I didn’t think much of it though. I didn’t think there was much more of my outlook that could change. Well, now I am looking forward to 50 even more. I was never defeated no matter how low this last year took me. I’ve been encouraged by my self motivation and dedication. This year I published 2 books, along with many poems and non peer reviewed essays. The escape my art has allowed this year has helped my soul rise to new heights, where I have a hope in God’s plan for my life. I’ve decided it doesn’t matter what God/dess is called or my concept of them in my imagination, for It is greater than any concept I could put It in a bubble about. Anger and rage are easier to manage because I’ve started accepting it is okay to be wrong and to be ignorant; however, it is not okay to be stagnant and refuse to investigate my own correctness or level of intelligence. In short, this year has been another year of growth, I’m highly looking forward to continued growth and surprise.

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