May Day

May Day, May Day,

In the end, at the end of a long May Day,

Flying high, smoking enemies all day,

May Day, May Day,

Falling from the sky,

Walking away, head held high,

On this May Day, what a fate,

Staying up late, nursing my friend,

Humping him through the haze of May,

Fine Spring Day, in the crazy haze of May,

Wonderland, dodging snipers through the haze,

Running all day, all night, all May long,

Humping along the trail at night,

In the middle of a May Day fight.

What a fright May held for us,

Fighting, the U.S. against,

Everyone this long May Day,

Drifting on planks, amongst the ruins,

That May Day, that long May Day,

Brought ruin to us, that long May Day,

Heads held high, on that long, that long,

That long fateful day, on that long May Day.

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