The lights turn on,

Dank dark cell, releasing earthly smells,

Assulting nostrils, clinging and seeping in deep,

Tackling oppression, listening closely for agression,

Bruises, yet no memory,

Trapped in a prision, mind and body,

Jagged insults float through stone passages,

Loud painful roars of agony shriek up the tomb like stone,

Crackling in ear, roaring through the brain,

Torrents of vibrating assult,

Time rolls on in a circle,

Unknowing seasons pass by and the moon sets thousands of time,

Blocked by stone, yearning for that unknown sensation,

No feeling of light to bask in,

Or bird to sing back harmony to life,

Only agony in the prison of the mind and body,

Lost on times endless belt.

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  1. everyone goes through this stage of life. loved it! Hope you are ok!

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    1. Thank you. I have bipolar and had a really bad anxiety day. But all is turning around for the better. Thank you again for the compliment.

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