Carrying around depression is one of the most difficult burdens one may have during life. For some it lasts only a few days or weeks of their lives. For others its an ongoing battle that rages for years, if not their entire life. Unfortunatly I fall into the later category, diagnosed with Bi-Polar I struggle with both the mania and depression. I move through life month by month not knowing what mood I will be in a few weeks from now. It makes life planning difficult.

Hope exists, and the photos above express what brings a sense of calm and happiness to my life. The love of nature, my pets, art, cooking, and photography. I love how they allow me to express myself. I love to share my experiences with others and see the joy it brings them. Knowing I can make someone smile at least once a day gives me a huge sense of satisfaction.

One thing I’ve learned about depression is the mood loves to lie to my emotions. It will tell me I’m no good, and depress my self esteem. It’s why there are so many breaks in my blog. I started it for myself, and still post for myself. The likes and views are boons that help lift up my self-esteem. I’m happy to know people around the world can find joy in some of the same things I too enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who views what I write, and, or leaves a like. I appreciate you all. You help lift my spirits even more. I pray you too, if you struggle with depression can find a hobby that brings you a sense of life satisfaction.

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