The joy of discovering life beyond screens has filled me with nostalgia for the 80’s & 90’s. One of the last generations to grow up without ready access to computers, cell phones, and internet we got to see life: live, up-close, & personal. We talked to friends and our texting consisted of passing hand written notes under desks. Today I watch my Niece interact with her friends and family through ‘Texts’ and ‘Discord Messages’; they are filled with emojis and lack punctuations and grammar. Reminiscing

It isn’t bad, just different. I imagine as we watched the Jettisons, we didn’t contemplate how different society would look when those futuristic inventions like video phones and powered sidewalks separated us from face to face visits to practical screen get togethers. Video call relationships fascinate me. When I’ve been on them, I’ve longed for my partners soft touches and the refreshing scent of his cologne. The sterile call leaves me lost. Unable to enjoy a good beat and dance into the night, unless I want to hold my cell and dance while face each other. Though I wouldn’t see him at all without this great upgrade in technology. So I really shouldn’t complain too much. Life moves and changes and will only change more before I reach my 80’s. My surviving grandparents, already in their 80’s share much of the change they have seen pass along their lives. I couldn’t imagine being 120 and looking to the past.

Technology sure has a way of breaking apart and shinning a light on the differences between each generation. Each generation pins a mark on the timeline, building upon the lasts generations successes. Even though I can see more clearly the fun I had growing up a Vermont mountain farm boy, I don’t think I would go backwards to be without technology I would never have met the loves of my life or been able to explore the beautiful video game open worlds. My job in the military would of been a lot more difficult and retail would have truly been h. e. double hockey sticks.

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