Abbot Running

Zap, robotic tuning intact, Code manifest running, Processing trillions of facts, Per second, loops entwining, Tap, tap, tap, Little hammers ringing on gold plate, Closing trap door over electric wiring, A bit of duct tape, Power button energizing, A robot running.


(This blog is non-monetized, I am not the creator of this meme) I do hope literature stays alive and is not replaced by video and or audio mediums.


The joy of discovering life beyond screens has filled me with nostalgia for the 80’s & 90’s. One of the last generations to grow up without ready access to computers, cell phones, and internet we got to see life: live, up-close, & personal. We talked to friends and our texting consisted of passing hand written…


I took a step away from my screen last week and felt alive for the first time in over a year. Reliance is not the reason I want to watch my screens. It was a shock how deep seated and hidden the reliance is. Boredom warns of it, but vast emptiness of time one concieves…