Anger, Depression, Wallow, Forgiveness

Anger over takes us quickly,

Turns the mind rabid with desire,

Striving to conquer and hold the higher ground,

No, Anger does not let one see the tragedy,

Nor the blood as one’s words sting like a rapier,

It’s not until Anger leaves to let Depression and Wallow take over,

That one feels the pain they caused to self and others,

Then one has to deal with concepts of Forgiveness,

For one’s self, and also from others,

Accepting Forgiveness is not something Wallow or Depression will allow,

And a fight ensues between the three,

The battle ensnares the mind in a cloud of hazy sadness,

For truly one’s Guilt over their Anger ensnares the mind,

How they hurt their loved one’s or people around them,

Never goes away even with Forgiveness,

For Depression’s true goal is to goad one to feel so Guilty,

They Wallow till they wither away,

To have loved and to have lost to Anger,

Is Depression’s sweetest ‘sweetie’,

For then it can shackle you,

Wear you down,

Torture you in the depths of it’s dungeon,

For loss is such bitter sorrow,

It’s one of Depression’s favorite devices,


To what end does one let suffering rule their life,

When life is so short,

Moments tick by that will never return,

Actions are swift and nonreturnable,

Is it not true that one is worth life,

Or else why was one ever born,

So again why let Depression and Wallow rob one of life,

When the hill is only so steep and the climb only so hard,

Cherish the small things to accept the large things,

As situations arise take time to access one’s response,

And dutifully react in kind to the situation at hand,

For it is one’s self who cannot accept Forgiveness,

If others cannot or will not forgive,

Then that is the price they pay in life,

To forgo the relationship they could of had,

But it is not one’s responsibility to feel for them,

So it would be selfish of one’s self to not accept their decision,

For truly would one want another to put their desires first in place, in one’s own mind?


So one moves on in life,

Letting Forgiveness move in and evicting Depression and Wallow,

New people come about,

Life springs anew,

But, Depression and Wallow remember,

And always try to bunk in their old home,

Lemon scent, nor lavender spray keeps them away,

Daily maintenance, though a chore,

Is the true savior of the war.

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