A Hike Through Northern Vermont

Once in a while I enjoy getting out onto the trail and going for an adventure.  This is a photographic journal of one of them.

Enjoying the trail on a wonderful day early in spring.

When I go for a hike I always receive a rush emotion, a sense that I am small, and nostalgia for my childhood.  I remember growing up in the mountains of Vermont free as bird, running through the woods and fields.  My family lived off the land mostly.  I was home schooled.  We had a television that I barely watched because I played outside and had a farmers tan.  That sense of nostalgia comes back, the longing for those moments returns and I wish I was there again.

Such a lovely river bend.

The river passes by our village flowing towards the lake.  It supplies power to the town, and most importantly life.  As I walked the trail I watched as different birds flew through the trees.  Ducks floated in the water.  Seagulls flew around the fields.  Hawks hunted prey.

The lively hood of Vermont, cattle!

One thing is for certain if you live in the country or mountains of Vermont you know where the cattle are.  Sometimes the smell can be overpowering when the farmers fertilize their fields.  We become accustom to it like any other thing in life.

As he hayed his field the hawks flew overhead hunting prey.

The hawks actually caught something too further down in the field.  By the time I got close enough to see what it might have been they were gone.

Even bugs have their place in life… even if they are creepy.

I watched this nest for a few weeks since it was only a mile down the trail.  As the temperature of the air grew the activity of the nest lessened.   When it was cooler the caterpillars were very active.  When I took this photo the caterpillars were all moving about very fast around their nest.

The product of the farmers long hard day.
A very pretty flower that caught my eye.

I enjoyed my walk thoroughly that day.  I am hoping to encourage myself to do another soon.  Hopefully find some new things to take photos of.

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