I Woke Up Today Feeling….

I Woke up feeling depressed today.  This makes a solid week.  Although I’ve had episodes of depression throughout the last several weeks, some lasting days or weeks.

What I feel and do while being depressed:

I have art class today but I have nothing in mind to create.

I have a writing project I am working on but haven’t touched it in five days.

I feel like crawling back in bed and hiding from the world today.

I say to my friends that I’m interested in going for a walk but really I haven’t gone for a leisure walk in weeks. (so I mask the depression)

I let the chores pile up.

I feel hopeless.

I feel regret.

I feel anger.

I feel sad.

I feel shame.

I want to let the past slip away but I am unable too.

I just wish this mood would pass.



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