Encouraging Myself at the End of the Month

The day before pay day always has the most unique meals.  Scrounging around the cabinet, going through the can food items, piecing together different foods that go together.  It is really fun sometimes trying out the combinations that come out of the cabinets.  Today’s meal was canned salmon mixed with Montreal seasoning and sriracha sauce, formed into small patties, then pan fried in a tiny bit of olive oil.

Honestly, I would never have tried that meal unless I was pressed to eat it like I was today.  To my good fortune I was surprised to how well the meal turned out.  My aversion to canned salmon comes from the period of time I spent in the military and had little control over what I ate.  I’m also fearful of what quality meat the Caners packaged in the can.

Survival is what I do though.  Toughing it out to ensure that I have enough money for bills and emergencies.  Life is worth it though.  I’m sure I could find cheaper living arrangements, but those arrangements would cost me comforts and space.

I am fortunate to have what I have.   I even have a sense of pride in my accomplishments.  I’m proud of my home and what I have built around me.  If I have to eat a can of salmon once in a while for dinner to get by at the end of the month, well, its worth it to live safely, affordably, and in an area that promotes creativity.

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