Dishes – A Deeper Issue

One thing I hate about living alone is the pile of dishes.  I can’t blame anyone else for the dishes left behind.  I am the only one who washes objects left by the sink.  I’m the only person that leaves objects by the sink.  Paper plates are uneconomical, so is plastic table wear.  Tin foil is my best friend when I bake, but it is very fragile and sometimes it betrays me.

So I try to clean dishes as I go.  Other times I do dishes immediately after a meal.  However, sometimes I just don’t have the motivation to keep up with the chore.  I’m left with little options when neither solution works.  I need to find a solution that motivates me.

This topic is deeper then just the dishes by my sink.  It reveals how I interact with the projects in my life.  I start many things and finish a couple.  Perhaps if I found a way to reward myself, or to motivate myself to work on something for a year I would find the key to keeping myself at task.


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