Creative Thoughts

It has been two weeks since I started working on Kelly’s Stand and I am very happy with the 4000 words I have on paper.  I believe the first chapter is about finished.  There may be a few more details I need to add in here or there to complete the plot, but everything has come together.

The plot has stayed similar to how I originally plotted it out before starting chapter one.  I’ve made minor tweaks already.  I realized my first chapter was a little short and I threw in part of what I was waiting for chapter two too happen into the first chapter.

This project is teaching me about dialogue and character development.  I am really enjoying using the new skills I have picked up.  I wish I had focused on taking a creative writing course in college instead of American Literature.

Things are coming together and that is the important piece.  The puzzle pieces fit and the character development is solid so far.  I am hoping I don’t lose those pieces I move forward.

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