Gnats Adrift

Well deep, brackish water, attracts death, Skeleton hand drifts, infested by swarming gnats, Horror to horror, Death insists, Death’s wash hung out to dry, Covering barn and sky, on All-Hollow Moon’s eve.


Tremble in horror as the waves quake below, Sliding across liquid gold, Tremble in horror as the hollow rings and echos, Sliding across steam filled hold, Tremble in horror as tentacle creature surfaces, Sliding across dark murky mold, Tremble in horror as creature emerges, Sliding across waters, strongly embolden.


Stone weight pressing down, Ribs flex backwards, yearning for release, Choking with strangled coughs, Mass sliding over my body, convulsing Fangs biting down, Blood splattering on waiting floor below, Feeling blow after blow, Hit my brittle, hollow frame, Eureka, I hit wood framed in soil, Pounding fist, cracking wood, Soil falling down through cracked plank,…


Teeth slide through flesh, Blood tasting best, Flowing over tongue, And if she must confess, She will soon flee to the West, listening to her favorite album, Driving eighty-five down highway sixty-six, Yearning for blood more than sex, She enter’s the sixth motel room, A lushes woman sits leg’s cross, Reading a book, Looking up,…