Tiny Hand

Your little hand wrapping tight around my finger, Bright blank eyes seeing only dim light, Fogged images, love melding us, Forever locked together, Father and son, Bond forged in iron, Locked behind gilded lock, Key and die set for eternity, Sealed away forever in our hearts.

Morning Coffee: #5

I miss my Grandmother dearly. We were never close; but, never too far apart to know we loved each other very much. Her phone calls were short, always to the point. She had strong values and a stronger love for family. She anchored many ships in our family and now I see them adrift as…

Morning Coffee: #4

Sipping coffee, listening to ‘Deep Cuts: A Perfect Circle – EP’ ~ Orestes (Demo) ~. What a perfect start to the morning. The pain still sits deep in my chest about my Grandmother’s passing; but, the sun shines around the darkest clouds. Bits of memories, cardinal birds, snowmen, winter holidays, and many table side dinners….

Morning Coffee: #3 Madre

Sitting quietly by my desk this morning I turned on some easy listening music. Slowly settling into the groove I slid out the construction paper and chalk. Casualy daydreaming about childhood memories of my Madre. I love her and often think of her sweet voice and smile. My beautiful Madre. Your tower was long ago…


You cried and filled my heart, Love exploding, supernova bright, My sons, Each handsome and lively, Unique and filled with personality, I love thier expressions, Each filled with different passions, You’re both a star lighting my heart.


It is with great honor that I not only served in the United Sates Navy; but, I also followed in the footsteps of my Great Uncles and Grandfather. They each served in a different branch of the military during wartime. It is with honor that I and my cousins also served during wartime. “Stand up…


(I am not sponsored by this great Texas Truck Stop Gas Station, Buc-ee’s, they just inspired this poem, with my greatest respect.) Buc-ee’s the King & Queen of bathrooms, If you want a room all to yourself, Pleasent in every manner, Wide enough to enjoy yourself, And have a coffee after, Maybe some jerky will…


It was a breezy Pensacola moonlit Florida morning. We all pilled into Uncle Tom’s SUV and drove to the docks where our chartered fishing boat, crew, and Captain waited for us. We loaded up and were puttering down the bay’s narrow docking canals towards open waters. Eventually we’d be sixty kilometers from shore fishing and…


Bashing symbols crashing in time with the quick snare, Grasping earbulbs like Grannies mad as a crazed mare, Whipping youthful rears, Correcting childhood mood & quelling immature fear. Taking motherly care, and never, Going too far or too near, Letting babies hearts feel the warmth grow undeterred, Mothering her grandbabies forever.