Idea World

Idea world: embark and disembark realm

A man stood holding a woman’s hand as they overlooked an uninhabited mountain. Silence. Resounding silence attacked their ear canals causing their pressures to change. Each brought a hand to their opposite ear as they popped in unison.

Their Maker had promised them a day of silence. His Wisdom’s words reverberated their memories jogging thoughts forward, lurching to a stern word. “I will teach you a lesson on ‘nothing’ in a few months time.”

Standing on the range, crumbling rock made silence upon each interaction. Every word spoken drifted no further than a thought. Their hands gripped firmed together in a tight bond. Each now fearful they would be alone, what else could nothing be?

Continuing forward their wayward journey brought them to an ocean. Roaring in rage with not one squall or splash sound. No birds, nor a splash of fish, or sign of crustacean existed as the eye advanced across the horizon.

What seemed like time, passed, the water churned, no air blew, smell they noticed seemed to have never existed. One began to question what was smell while the other began to question who the stranger was who held her hand. Their grips lightened by a little.

Light began to slowly pulse in and out of focus as if their eyes were changing the spectrum of wave lengths they were able to comprehend. Each experiencing a different focus each cycle. As their vision failed the grip almost broke. Another almost lost sensation began to break apart.

Touch, feel, hot, cold, almost foreign concepts now. Deeply regrettable pain also became forgotten. Unforgettable because this dissociation numbed them to each other and their living presence. Leaving husks of spiraling emotions with no definitions for what they forgot.

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