How Games Impact My Life

Play is such an important part of life.  When I allow myself to open up and experience a world in my mind it comes to life.  Much like reading a book, except my brain experiences the actions and records them as if they were really happening.  Role play games have allowed me to express actions and feelings that have been difficult to relate to other things or people.

When I’m surrounded by my group of friends we interact and support each other, living through what each other is experiencing.  We bond over the game and common interests.  A common goal in a game will often build to deeper conversations.

Being able to watch gamers on media channels like YouTube or Twitch-TV and chat live with thousands of people who share the same interests as I do has allowed me to see I’m normal.  There is a large community who loves the same games I do. People come together and share interests at places like Comic-Con and PAX East and West, Gen Con, Blizz Con, etc.  YouTube channels like Geek & Sundry, Nerdist, Pennyarcadetv, etc are bringing to the community tons of media about games, movies, events, conventions, board games, role-playing games, Live Role Playing, and more.  It seems there is a tremendous support for games and gamers.

These ideas, shows, games, and projects have really opened up my world.  They help with my depression, I’m less depressed when I’m gaming with friends.  I am even more creative with my art then before I started getting involved in these things.  My ability to express myself has grown as well.  It is great having a place to fit in and be welcomed by peers.

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