I’m Free To Be

Conjure my thoughts no more for your wicked desire,

Let me rest in the bosom of peace,

Forget my memories and forsake me,

Do not cherish the tragedy that has filled my life,

Nothing may justify your presence,

Unwelcome being disregard my plea for company,

Dwindle not in the forlorn recesses of my minds eye,

Scatter not your withered ashes on my heart,

Your sour words try to scratch my soul,

But my soul is hidden in the deep ocean guarded by ferocious sea creatures,

I do not stand in your shadow,

Nor do I follow your heavy laden cart,

My yoke is not yours to master,

For you, Depression are a pitiful lot,

Your feet cannot withstand the fury of the northern wind,

It cuts you,

Pushes you away,

Carries me out of your grasp,

Take my word,

You have no home here,

The door is shut,

The knockers removed,

The way barred,

Leave now and be on your way,

I’m free to be

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