Veteran’s Perspective

Scared, sitting behind a screen, Death, toil, struggle, Never to be unseen, Watching the world become trampled. War, a difficult concept, A world of people, Caught in a disgusting trap, Lost in a phycological whirlpool. A world engaged, Behind insane weapons, Crosshairs enraged, Bursting shots upon… A wild enemy indeed.


Rolling out again, Boots hitting dusty ground, Take that rifle and hit the sand, Ground and pound, Lift this, lift that, Run about a lot, Hot, sticky sweat, Never washes off, Stuck in deserted waste, Don’t worry about moving with haste, Sun beating down, Sweat on tanned brow, Numb brain, Dehydrating sun, Missions to plan,…


Tree’s rush by at the river’s edge, Forced breath rushes out of tired lung, Jagged rocks cut at flesh, Piranhas bite rips apart, Blood dying water red, Wild velvet rapids unfold, Forging new river beds with untold death, Village laid to waste, At edge of sword and conquistadors torch, Jungle ravaged by war, Vicious hunters…

Military Career Moral Booster

It is amazing how the little & big things change your life over time. What once may have been a battle is a notch well done and things I have overlooked or pushed down come back and haunt me. Walls built up are torn down in seconds from a flash of memory, sound bite, photo,…


Boots on my feet, Living a hundreds of fleeting dreams, Memories float like stars all about, Catching glimpse of an old me, Young, fit, and motivated, Standing out, shining bright, Medals that mean nothing, Awards for jobs well done, Paper trails everywhere, Automatically judged and alienated, A lot of us get caught by drink or…


Mustered faith in row and line, Demonstrated firing line, Round-about, marching in time, About face, I hide behind my mime, Rifles here to there, Sand bags protecting my theater, Fortified side by side, Standing forward and back, side by side, Shipmates surround me, Battle Buddies confront me, Sacrifice and honor, Honor in face of sacrifice.

20 Years Gone, for what?

Opposition faced in masks Hiding neighbors face Antagonizing brother, Sister felled for hypocrasy towards a Heretic view of religion, Hot weather fading hiding cloth Face mask a must, not an option, Rights driven into trodden sand.


I am unsure how to credit the photo & story. They both inspire in me a spirit of strength and a desire to share the emotions they bring out in this poem below. Weathered hearts look solemnly upon this child, Expression held back, deep, deep, sorrow, The sparrow neither sings, nor chirps, Little chickadee looks…

Normandy – D-Day Remembrance

Low tide hits soiled shore, Forever washed in blood of yesterday’s war, Never tide, nor storm, May wash away the tear stained sand, Which many marine, soldier, air & seaman, rest their heavy head.

Memorial Day Poem

Dearest Brothers & Sisters, Cheers to your courageous hearts, Which rest beneath our feet, Left behind by you paths of blood, Poured for the World’s freedom, From tyranny and war, You fought for peace when none was given, And with wounds fell to bring that peace home, Draped with flag and salute, The horn called…