Twenty… Ten… Bull

Destined for a win, Taking a spin, Driften down highway twenty… ten, Ten miles from my destination, Girl, meet me within, Let me take you… for a spin, Dance for me on the twenty… ten, Tires spinnin’ out for you, Going through our paces, Sitting around playing aces, Don’t see any benefits, Watching time float…


Sad heart stirs on open flame Cooking down sad daily pain Flares of sparks rise up in hope Extinguished by sad tears

Morning Coffee: #2

Goodmorning sunshine, what a wonderful day to smell coffee brewing.  It’s cool outside, almost like having spring in Autumn.  The only shade is my grandmother’s passing.  My heart fills full of shards of glass, each a different emotion.  Some pass easy, while others whittle away the flesh digging deeper until they hit bone.  So, as…

Morning Coffee: #1 ‘Good Grief’

Today was an extremely hard day. Getting out of bed felt like dragging the moon across the sky. Gravity welded me the mattress while the sheets fed themselves around me as a Boa Constrictor would. Welled up inside my chest was a wall holding back the flood of tears. My grandmother passed yesterday and I…

Sadness weeps

Sadness sat in her corner, Lonely, dreaming of memories, Her Granny passed today, In the heart of merry May, Fantasizing about hazy days, Filled with bakery, Heart filled laughs, Never to be heard in now empty kitchens. Now Saddness weeps,


Depression sits on the chest, As sinking swamp sucks in the wreckless, Justice served on interloping thoughts, Saddening, deepening, trembling free reality, Paradox in between knotted rows, Knitted into being by Destiny, Twisting us down undefined paths, Twisting our future and darkening our past, Depression sits on the chest.