Morning sun rises over my block, Bee’s rise up, Covering Dawn’s sky, Early on before morning bird opens eye, Why, oh why, Please come with me, On this journey down mirrors journey, As the Morning sun rises, over we, The lost and yearning, Sing to Morning’s sweet grace, Journey on, Music carrying us with glee,…

Morning Coffee: #4

Sipping coffee, listening to ‘Deep Cuts: A Perfect Circle – EP’ ~ Orestes (Demo) ~. What a perfect start to the morning. The pain still sits deep in my chest about my Grandmother’s passing; but, the sun shines around the darkest clouds. Bits of memories, cardinal birds, snowmen, winter holidays, and many table side dinners….

Morning Coffee: #1 ‘Good Grief’

Today was an extremely hard day. Getting out of bed felt like dragging the moon across the sky. Gravity welded me the mattress while the sheets fed themselves around me as a Boa Constrictor would. Welled up inside my chest was a wall holding back the flood of tears. My grandmother passed yesterday and I…

First Walk-About in a Couple Months

Due to a lot of allergies and still climatizing to the heat I haven’t walked as much as I would like. However, I was met with a few new surprises along one of my favorite routes. Here are some photos from my walk this morning. Enjoy 🙂


Star filled night, Encapsulate me in your dull glow Fill me with enticipation For the suns morning blow When light fills the air Glittering off morning dew Filling the breeze with your sweet delight Casting off light Shedding your star filled blanket To visit us Departing your life giving light


Today I woke up and had a warm cup of coffee. What a great way to start a day.