Morning sun rises over my block,

Bee’s rise up,

Covering Dawn’s sky,

Early on before morning bird opens eye,

Why, oh why,

Please come with me,

On this journey down mirrors journey,

As the Morning sun rises, over we,

The lost and yearning,

Sing to Morning’s sweet grace,

Journey on, Music carrying us with glee,

As she joins us on our free Journey,

Down’s Morning’s chutes and ladders, three.

We join hands and voices in harmony,

Glad to fly free,


Come on,

One and all,

Join us on our magical Journey,

Through Morning’s deep rivers,

And jungled trails,

Journey with us, please, oh please,

Come with us,

Swing with us,

Take us up on our invite, please,

As we reverse Sunshine,

On our Morning’s sweet smile.

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