Looking Over

Looking over, I watch you intently, Scribbling away at your pad, Curiosity crowds my thoughts, As your lips purse, As you pursue your vision, Looking over, I see you, All of you, In all your creative thought, Pouring over pad with pen, Ink pouring from the soul, giving the world your all, Tucked away in…

Baby, You and Me

Take a stand, Lay down on the sand, Take my hand, Baby… Take my hand, Night falls, Tell me all your tales, Lost on Niagra Falls, Baby don’t give up, Leaves change as we age, Always turning page after page, Our love no one can guage, Baby you means the world to me.

Oh, Windsor May

Hey, Windsor May, may I take your hand, Windsor, oh Windsor May, Beautiful as the Lady who forever wades over misty loch, Windsor May, do me the honor of pledging your lock to me, Windsor, oh Windsor May, I pledge to die in your stead any day, Windsor May, do me this honor today, Pledge…

Bargain Bin Love and Dimes

Learned my lesson baby, You and I, together again, Here stuck to one another, Living out the bargain bin, Our life, one time, our bed, Laying out our love, White doves and bells, Dancing at all the balls.

Chevy Dreams

Lamborginie dreams, Settling for Chevies, Sunshine lighting pathways, Nightlight parting sheets, Here you are, you and I, Driving high on the highway, Road trip snacks, chips and pop, Listening to all your favorite pop tracks, Making tracks on the highway of life, Caring for one another in the midst of strife.

Toll Lane

Life isn’t what it was meant to be, Tore apart by fruit on a tree, Or was it greed, Clumsy human soul, Best friends cleaved in two, Burnt to battle for control, Confusing feelings orbiting them, Planets swing by, Galaxies sing tear filled tragedies, Torn apart in their soul, Best friend torn asunder, It all…

I spent last night

I spent last night under twighlight, Stars shining bright showing my path, Spending the night looking to the past, Silly decisions and mortifying realization, Unlocking starblind vision, Trauma running by, Now I realize what I couldn’t then envision, Love blind and star stuck, I lay here in your binds, One chance give me time, As…


Riding the waves down deep, Sheets fold and shift underneath, Take me and keep me, Work me till I sweat beneath, Lovers twisted tide, Drowning in your love, Underneath moving in time, To your caboose, While drinking Champaign and wine, Ambidextourous we dance in unforgivable chains,

Demon Inside

Dashed upon the stones, His heart dashed across the floor, Trust me his demons surfaced from inside, Unable to be what you wanted him to be, Seen inside his heart only closed doors, Hidden beneath his gorgeous smile, Demons lay in wait to devour, Sweet locks like yours.


One morning I looked in the mirror, Standing there looking twenty years older, Mentally believing myself twenty years younger, A sailor, living the dream, High seas of life, ports of dreams and fantasy, Head over heels for the love of my life, Now bitterness separates us, Vowing to throw love in the river, Rowing the…