Bargain Bin Love and Dimes

Learned my lesson baby, You and I, together again, Here stuck to one another, Living out the bargain bin, Our life, one time, our bed, Laying out our love, White doves and bells, Dancing at all the balls.

Imperfection of Sinful Bells

Bells ring and you make them take me down, Perfect imperfection dripping down, Water fall of golden rain, Washed of my sin, In basin of indiscretion and callous cold, Love me because your bold, Sins and all, Dressed for our wedding ball.


One morning I looked in the mirror, Standing there looking twenty years older, Mentally believing myself twenty years younger, A sailor, living the dream, High seas of life, ports of dreams and fantasy, Head over heels for the love of my life, Now bitterness separates us, Vowing to throw love in the river, Rowing the…