June Day

Sweeping June rain, Two lovers dancing under darkened clouds, Thunder declaring their love, For miles over rolling plains, Heart crossed lovers, Soul mates for ever, Dancing in the rain, Lightening casting shadows, On this happy June day.


Sun drops fill our cup, Give us this day your bread, Shine on us your life giving light, Making sweat drop from our forehead, Our flour and tinder, All come from your tender love, Giving us dropplettes of light, To shine through our darkest hours.


Twisted sky, Bearing down, On, I’m expecting town, Debris flying, Laughing cow soaring, Creamery crumbled, Soured as blue cheese salad, Twisting, faster and faster, Howling wind singing blues, Oh what to do, Straining to hear sirens fade, The maid sure has a task at hand.


Pitter, patter, dapper, the sound of the rain all a-splatter, It comes down, in torrent’s, Drowning out the day a cold hazy fog, Permanent comes to mind, The wet ground, filled to the brim with sky water. One’s breath a cloud of smoke in response to the chill. Sitting in the sun room, Sipping a…