Looking up, the metal monstrosity hovered over me, The rocket flared, shooting the being high into the stratosphere, Floating, zigging, zagging, and otherwise outflying the world below, Gravity touched not its jagged wings, The jarred hearts inside, caring not for the fear below, Their mass hysteria a joke to them, Few cares for a world…

Traveling By the By

This day flowed by as the wind, Another win in the bank of life, A windy day taking us far away, We look back again and again, Distant memories traveling by,

Bubbles (Inspired by Bubbly by EJF)

Bouncing & dancing, Jamming away into the air, Paws and jaws waving, Popping bubbling bubbles. Little ones playing, Running in muddy fields, Blowing bubbles away, In darkening skies, As the wind goes by darting, This way and dashing down, Deepening ally way, Freely bounding amongst the heavens, Gaping as the stars abound, Higher and higher,…


Sun drops fill our cup, Give us this day your bread, Shine on us your life giving light, Making sweat drop from our forehead, Our flour and tinder, All come from your tender love, Giving us dropplettes of light, To shine through our darkest hours.


Life on top of the mountains mesmerizes the soul, As I reach to touch the sky Hoping to soar as the gloriously majestic eagle Onwards towards the sun Shining like my love for you each day, soulmate mine.