Clothing falling to the floor, A pile of silken rubble, Polluting my bedroom carpet, Sexy skin shines beneath lace and tie, Laying sexily upon my bed, Face up, face down, taking deep breath, Soaking deep into the linen, Floods of pleasure not seen since the Ark, Rested on the bed of the Mount, Clothing raining…

Be Ye So Bold?

To she, my beloved May, Whose hand I hold, Beloved, be ye so bold? As to give me this May day, Your cherry colored ribbon, Your strawberry flavored lips, Your ripened fruit, To forever color my bed, Lain and fed, Cuddling as we head to bed, Oh my beloved, Be ye so bold?


Twisting upon the nether, Reveling in the pleasure, Surrendering to the passion, And seduced into an eternity of ecstasy, Surrounded by the rising screams, In the vast vally of the mind, As electrodes produce mass hysteria, Along nerve lines.