June Day

Sweeping June rain, Two lovers dancing under darkened clouds, Thunder declaring their love, For miles over rolling plains, Heart crossed lovers, Soul mates for ever, Dancing in the rain, Lightening casting shadows, On this happy June day.

Bubbles (Inspired by Bubbly by EJF)

Bouncing & dancing, Jamming away into the air, Paws and jaws waving, Popping bubbling bubbles. Little ones playing, Running in muddy fields, Blowing bubbles away, In darkening skies, As the wind goes by darting, This way and dashing down, Deepening ally way, Freely bounding amongst the heavens, Gaping as the stars abound, Higher and higher,…


Little tiny pattering drops, Splish splashed by little crocks, Dashing and pittering away, On a bright rainy day.


Pitter, patter, dapper, the sound of the rain all a-splatter, It comes down, in torrent’s, Drowning out the day a cold hazy fog, Permanent comes to mind, The wet ground, filled to the brim with sky water. One’s breath a cloud of smoke in response to the chill. Sitting in the sun room, Sipping a…