Update #2 On Cartoon Project

I have diligently been working on the Flamingo cartoon project.  At the moment I’m researching the best way to record, edit, and upload my project to the internet.  I have it on my to do list to watch some tutorials about art editing and how to make drawing tutorials on YouTube.  I believe those will…


This has to be one of my best sketches yet. I felt inspired while sketching him. He is a gorgeous animal. A SHORT POEM INSPIRED BY THIS DRAWING Free in the plains, That are home to grass & wind, Prancing & dancing, He whinnies into the wind

Self Portrait (slightly askew)

One of my better self portraits, the angle is askew (perspective is off) I have a hard time with this. However, despite the mistake, its one of my better attempts.


I started to sketch it and I zoned out and this is what happened.