The Person that I Know

Neon lighted skies, Time draws down, Lightening on the air, Chugging down life’s highway, There she is, A Lovers Dove flying free, Her hair an ocean wave, Her voice a sonic boom, Her strength and patience, Slowly eroding stone, Her power and radiance, Leaving jaws ajar, Truth radiates from her beautiful hue, Colors of every…

The Angel That Took My Heart

Sacred affair, angelic hair, Golden strands, lay over my bed, Lover bare, laying next to me, On my bed, a beautiful flare of light, She’s gone, took flight, Took off, gone with my heart, Angel on the airwaves, Angel gone a flare, Sadness creeps in, Tears well up inside, Heart break and loss, Ache deep…


Riding the waves down deep, Sheets fold and shift underneath, Take me and keep me, Work me till I sweat beneath, Lovers twisted tide, Drowning in your love, Underneath moving in time, To your caboose, While drinking Champaign and wine, Ambidextourous we dance in unforgivable chains,

You Are The Lightening In My Bottle

Dancing on that water, Light hitting like lightening, khan, Take it on, On the run, Huffing and puffing, Lightening dancing on the horizon, Life, flying, like a kite on the dragon, Carry me down like the Kraken, Drowning in your perfection.


Her hair grey like an overcast day, Enchanting me with her sly smile, As we hide away in the hay, Like young lovers on the sly. We huddle in a pile, Carressing each other, Hushing our whispers, As we enjoy our secret smiles.