Heaven’s Wind

Lead me into your room, One the bed, Close your eyes, As I open the garden, With the key that lays wintin, Your chest, your heart, Our love, letting out the light into the world, Love doves fly high, As we fly high into the sky, Hand in hand, Our whispers flowing ear to ear,…

Bargain Bin Love and Dimes

Learned my lesson baby, You and I, together again, Here stuck to one another, Living out the bargain bin, Our life, one time, our bed, Laying out our love, White doves and bells, Dancing at all the balls.

You Are The Lightening In My Bottle

Dancing on that water, Light hitting like lightening, khan, Take it on, On the run, Huffing and puffing, Lightening dancing on the horizon, Life, flying, like a kite on the dragon, Carry me down like the Kraken, Drowning in your perfection.