A dream that lasts forever is but a puff of wind along the lonely fields of wheat lost on the worlds grind stone It lasts forever, Forever is as a second never finding it’s tick passing by quick & sluggish Like love it retires, over sleeping heads which encourage the awake but in truth, this…


Silence, life sounds, Humdrum in bubbling bounds, Wonderous redeeming force, Waves of dramatic sonic disruption, Drowning thoughts, raining intercourse. Flows off the tongue, Silence lays its head, In sound & restless slumber.


Going this journey alone is becoming a swamp of no return Lost in the brush or stuck in the mud I become Each days journey never ending even when the sun winds down Endless hours toiled with no harvest from the soil Empty promises shrill in empty ears and hallow halls Eyes sunken and shallow,…

Oh Sleep, Why Do You Allude Me So?

Sleep alludes the strong and weak, At the most inconvenient times during the week. Tired and strung out on caffeine, To move the daily grind machine.