The Angel That Took My Heart

Sacred affair, angelic hair, Golden strands, lay over my bed, Lover bare, laying next to me, On my bed, a beautiful flare of light, She’s gone, took flight, Took off, gone with my heart, Angel on the airwaves, Angel gone a flare, Sadness creeps in, Tears well up inside, Heart break and loss, Ache deep…

Tears Inside

Tears fall inside, Silence surrounds screaming, Tearing apart the photo album, Inside, all inside, Alone, inside, screaming inside, No one knows, No one hears, No one see’s, The dreams, haunting dreams, Ghosts of memories, haunting me, Screaming in agony, inside, Silent all around, Inside pain erupts, Agony, constant agony, No one to hear, No one…

Demon Inside

Dashed upon the stones, His heart dashed across the floor, Trust me his demons surfaced from inside, Unable to be what you wanted him to be, Seen inside his heart only closed doors, Hidden beneath his gorgeous smile, Demons lay in wait to devour, Sweet locks like yours.

Pushing Mountains

Post heartbreak, tired and broken, Finding everything taken, Empty, lost, abused, excused, Everyone around you unamused. Pushing mountains easier than moving on, Content dulled, ill amusement, Casting net, catching it on, Jagged rocks, jutting like my life under cement. Time moved past, Love lost, Time spent, Seems like such a waste.