Witness the white sheet floating by, Signifying the start of this Hallowed Eve, Carmel apple smells, And trick or treat shouts, Echo through the valley, As white sheets float by.

All-Hallows Dance

Peace Officer wanders the block, Ghost drifts house to house, Bucket in hand, Sweets keeping everyone fed, Laughter and mischief on the wind, Indian giving grief, Cowboys shooting grins, Princesses twirling with glitter and tiaras, Maggots swirling on blurry graves, Stomping dances, as creatures swirl below, Celebrating All-Hallows Eve, Goblins curl while Elves sharpen poisoned…

Gnats Adrift

Well deep, brackish water, attracts death, Skeleton hand drifts, infested by swarming gnats, Horror to horror, Death insists, Death’s wash hung out to dry, Covering barn and sky, on All-Hollow Moon’s eve.


Tremble in horror as the waves quake below, Sliding across liquid gold, Tremble in horror as the hollow rings and echos, Sliding across steam filled hold, Tremble in horror as tentacle creature surfaces, Sliding across dark murky mold, Tremble in horror as creature emerges, Sliding across waters, strongly embolden.