Classroom Dreamer

Dwindling return pushes out mixed emotions, Galactic pressure equalized to unbreathable limits, Supersized expectations lead to long drawn out minutes, Hypnotic melodies drawing out thoughtful gasps, Inexperienced hands learning the art of loves finer kisses, Unexpected reality flashes, Bam, wide awake, pondering the dream while teacher drones.

Operation Struggle

It’s been a struggle Life turns upside down on a whim And rights itself in intervals Today was a good day, tonight makes me want to run away News media flashing images of war Sparking memories untold Praying for safety for everyone friend and for Land, oil, money, power All more addictive than opiods It’s…


Worry is such a harsh master, It saddles anxiety and rides it hard, What little control worry offers, Yet I’m always quick to worry, Letting it wreck my soul And carve its way into my mind, Taking over and carrying me on a journey, Often with crashing into walls of blank anxiety.