F*****g Bi-Polar Rage

I have Bi-polar Disorder and there are times like tonight where I suffer from severe rage. It triggers from little things, the most unimportant, trivial, nuances of life. I work so hard to control it. Tonight, I feel about to lose that control. So here I am writing about it, hoping to gain control back and to be the strong man I am.

Two Sons

Facing you son, holding you in my arms, The bright light I saw, The love I felt, Never to melt away. Son, you filled my face with a smile, Your little hand grasping mine, Our love connecting that early Autumn Day, Hospital room full of glee. You won so many hearts that day, I’ll always…

Distant Love

Looking into your eyes, Long has it been since I saw them, Your photo held dear to my heart, Your voice a trailing memory, But, still my love remains, Growing each day, As you grow behind curtains that never open, Your stage a mystery to me, Growing into a man, Your the star that never…

Tiny Hand

Your little hand wrapping tight around my finger, Bright blank eyes seeing only dim light, Fogged images, love melding us, Forever locked together, Father and son, Bond forged in iron, Locked behind gilded lock, Key and die set for eternity, Sealed away forever in our hearts.