This poem is a work of fiction that may be triggering to some, please read and or share with care. Thank you.

I woke up in a dream one day,

Floating beneath a vaulted cieling,

Floor below covered in hay,

Launching myself across the room,

I glided for hours,

Realization dawning on me that I’m in a tomb.

Memories flash back,

A dagger, an attack,

Ouch, my aching back.

Delirious with anger,

Letting out a raging below,

Then I hear the beeping of a pager.

Vibrating at my side,

Scrolling on the screen, the word, revive.

Suddenly falling down an ethereal slide.

Breath, life, slamming hard into my body,

Flashing lights all around,

Clutching my back in agony.

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