Stooping down by rolling river, rapid water splish splashing, reverbing off rock and ebbed soil. Little paw reaching in, fishing about for its afternoon tea. Triumph, harrumph, the fish slipped away, pouting river rat slumps down against the haggard tree. It’s branches draping him from the Summer Sun, lazily drifting away to slumber. Gazing down at awkward clock hands twiching across a tiny display of a bunny wearing a top hat, salute the River Rat a good day. Each second jolting the bunny in the top hat behind the walls of the pocket watch, to slumber until the next morning. “Pish”, the River Rat kicked at the tea set, bored with melancholy the River Rat set about to find a friend to entertain his mind.

(A work in progress with grammar and spelling errors, a framework for an idea based off “The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame)

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