(I am not sponsored by this great Texas Truck Stop Gas Station, Buc-ee’s, they just inspired this poem, with my greatest respect.)

Buc-ee’s the King & Queen of bathrooms,

If you want a room all to yourself,

Pleasent in every manner,

Wide enough to enjoy yourself,

And have a coffee after,

Maybe some jerky will float your boat,

Or how about that, root beer float?

A cina-bun or three,

Or maybe you want that bowl made out of a real tree?

A flamingo bathing suit,

No freaking way!

Don’t forget your cowboy hat,

And new pair of cow boots.

Just pump some gas,

And come on in and don’t forget to pass,

By the candy isle,

and at last,

be a good boy & lass,

Take your photo by Buc-ee,

And make your parents laugh.

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